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Welcome RV Odd Squad! We’ve partnered with The RV Insurance Shop to bring you top-quality, affordable RV insurance tailored to your unique needs. As fellow RV enthusiasts, we understand the importance of comprehensive coverage and peace of mind on the road. Join our community and get the best insurance deals, expert advice, and unparalleled support. Secure your adventures with confidence – because with the RV Odd Couple and The RV Insurance Shop, you’re always part of the family.

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Common RV Insurance Myths - Busted!

Many believe their homeowners insurance will cover their RV, but most policies don’t extend to vehicles, especially when they’re on the road.
Full-time RVers require a different kind of policy that covers their RV as both a home and a vehicle, unlike part-timers who may have different coverage needs.
Standard auto insurance typically doesn’t cover all the unique risks associated with RVs, such as interior damage or belongings inside the RV.
Some think they only need insurance when they’re traveling, but comprehensive coverage is essential even when the RV is parked or in storage.
RV insurance policies can vary significantly, so it’s crucial to choose one that fits your specific needs and usage.
Many believe RV insurance is prohibitively expensive, but there are affordable options that provide comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank.
Not all RV insurance policies cover personal belongings, so it’s important to verify and potentially add this coverage.
Liability coverage protects against damages you cause to others, but doesn’t cover damages to your RV or personal property.
An RV warranty typically covers mechanical failures and defects but doesn’t provide the same protection as insurance for accidents, theft, or weather damage.
Many think RV insurance won’t cover personal injuries sustained inside the RV, but comprehensive policies can include medical payment coverage for such incidents.