Class B RV Insurance

Class B motorhomes, also known as camper vans, are the most compact and agile of the motorhome types, built on a van chassis to offer convenience and efficiency. Their smaller size makes them easier to drive and more fuel-efficient, appealing to those who enjoy spontaneous and flexible travel experiences. Despite their compact nature, Class B motorhomes are fully equipped to provide essential living amenities, including sleeping areas, basic kitchens, and sometimes compact bathrooms. Insuring Class B motorhomes entails considering their dual nature as both vehicles and living spaces, necessitating a blend of auto and home insurance to adequately cover the unique risks they face on the road.

Insurance Needs and Coverage Options

Protects against risks not involving collisions, such as theft, fire, and weather damage, which are crucial given the diverse environments Class B motorhomes are exposed to during travels.
Liability coverage is legally required and covers damages or injuries caused to others in an accident. This is particularly important for Class B motorhomes due to their use in densely populated areas and a variety of settings.
Since these vehicles serve as a travel home, insurance for personal belongings inside the motorhome protects against loss from theft or damage.
This coverage is beneficial if involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault and lacks adequate insurance, providing necessary financial protection.
Covers the costs for accommodations and travel if the motorhome is damaged during a trip, ensuring that travel plans are not severely disrupted.
While parked, this coverage acts like homeowners’ insurance, providing liability protection in scenarios such as someone tripping over a part of the vehicle or getting hurt around it.

This option covers veterinary expenses if your pet is injured while traveling in your RV, providing financial assistance for treatments resulting from accidents.


Protects against damage to your RV’s roof from environmental factors and debris, covering the costs of repairs or replacement needed to maintain the integrity of your shelter.


This coverage is essential for repairing or replacing the motorhome if it gets damaged in a crash, whether with another vehicle or an object, crucial due to the frequent maneuvering in varied locales.

Similar to homeowners’ insurance, this is vital for those who live in their Class A motorhome full-time. It provides liability protection for incidents that occur while the motorhome is parked and being used as a residence.

Given that Class B motorhomes are often used for long journeys, roadside assistance can be invaluable. It typically includes towing, flat tire changes, and emergency fuel delivery.
These can be added to cover specific external attachments and accessories common to Class A motorhomes, such as satellite dishes and awnings.
Particularly valuable for newer models, this coverage can replace the motorhome with a new one of similar make and model if it is declared a total loss.
If the Class B motorhome has been customized with additional features like solar panels or upgraded interior fittings, this coverage can insure those parts against damage or theft.
Offers coverage for damage caused by pests such as rodents or insects, helping to cover the expenses of repairs and necessary extermination services inside your RV.


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Understanding Premiums & Deductibles

Insurance premiums for Class B motorhomes are typically lower than those for larger RVs but can vary based on the motorhome’s value, the coverage selected, and the owner’s driving history. Opting for higher deductibles can decrease the premium cost but will increase out-of-pocket expenses in case of a claim.

Customizing Your Insurance Package​

Due to the diverse ways Class B motorhomes are used, from weekend getaways to extended travel, it’s important for owners to tailor their insurance coverage to match their specific needs. Consulting with an insurance expert who understands the nuances of RV insurance can ensure that all aspects of the Class B lifestyle are protected.

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