Full-Timer's Liability Insurance

For those who live in their RV full-time, Full-Timer’s Liability Insurance is essential. This coverage is akin to a homeowner’s insurance policy, offering broad protection for liabilities associated with living in an RV as your primary residence.

Coverage Details

This insurance typically includes:

  • Personal Liability: Protects against claims for injury or property damage caused to others while at your RV residence.
  • Medical Payments to Others: Covers medical costs if someone is injured while visiting your RV.
  • Loss Assessment: Covers certain assessments charged to you by RV parks or associations.


Injury on Property
A guest slips and injures themselves on the steps of your RV, and you are found liable for their injuries.
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Property Damage Liability
You accidentally cause damage to property at an RV park, such as hitting a community structure with your RV.
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Legal Defense Costs
Covers legal fees if you are sued for an incident that occurs at your RV serving as your home.
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Full-Timer’s Liability Insurance ensures that living on the road does not leave you vulnerable to the financial risks associated with permanent residence liabilities.

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