Emergency Expense Coverage

When you’re far from home and your RV faces unexpected issues, Emergency Expense Coverage is your financial safety net. This coverage helps manage the costs of unforeseen incidents that disrupt your travel plans.


Coverage Details

Emergency Expense Coverage typically includes:

  • Accommodation Costs: Hotel stays if your RV is uninhabitable.
  • Travel Expenses: Costs for returning home if your RV is disabled.
  • Meal Expenses: Food costs if you’re stranded due to RV repairs.
Accident Away From Home
After an accident damages your RV, this coverage pays for your hotel stay and return travel costs while the RV is being repaired.
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Mechanical Breakdown
If your RV breaks down hundreds of miles from home, this coverage can cover the costs for lodging and meals during the repair period.
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Natural Disaster
If a natural disaster prevents you from using your RV, emergency expense coverage would handle the costs of accommodations and meals.
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This coverage ensures that unexpected events don’t have to mean financial distress, allowing you to focus on resolving your situation with less worry.

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