Class A RV Insurance

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious of RV options, offering an experience akin to a mobile home with extensive amenities. These motorhomes are often equipped with sophisticated systems and high-end furnishings, resembling bus-like vehicles designed for both comfort and functionality. The sheer size and value of Class A motorhomes bring unique insurance considerations. They are more susceptible to higher repair costs due to their complex builds and premium materials. Furthermore, as they are commonly used for full-time living or extended travels, the risk exposure is significantly increased, necessitating more comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against a wider array of potential incidents.

Insurance Needs and Coverage Options

This is critical for Class A motorhome owners due to the high cost of potential repairs or replacements. It protects against a range of non-collision damages, such as those from fire, theft, vandalism, or environmental factors like storms and floods.

Mandatory in most states, liability coverage handles costs related to bodily injuries and property damage that the owner might cause to others in an accident. Given the size and potential for damage, higher liability limits are highly recommended.

Considering that many owners equip their motorhomes with expensive personal belongings, contents insurance is important for covering the loss or damage to personal items inside the RV.

This covers the owner from costs incurred in accidents where the other party is at fault and lacks sufficient insurance.

This covers lodging or travel costs if the motorhome is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss while away from home, useful for frequent travelers or full-timers.

 This insurance option covers veterinary expenses if your pet is injured in an accident while traveling in your RV. It ensures your furry companions are protected during your journeys.


Roof Protection coverage handles repairs to your RV’s roof due to damage from environmental factors or debris, preventing costly out-of-pocket expenses for one of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle.


Essential for covering damages to the motorhome resulting from collisions, regardless of who is at fault. This includes accidents involving other vehicles or stationary objects.

Similar to homeowners’ insurance, this is vital for those who live in their Class A motorhome full-time. It provides liability protection for incidents that occur while the motorhome is parked and being used as a residence.

Given the motorhome’s size and complexity, this coverage offers crucial services like towing, tire changes, and emergency fuel delivery.

These can be added to cover specific external attachments and accessories common to Class A motorhomes, such as satellite dishes and awnings.

Particularly valuable for newer models, this coverage can replace the motorhome with a new one of similar make and model if it is declared a total loss.

This coverage provides financial protection against damage caused by pests such as rodents or insects, covering the cost of repairs needed due to infestations or nesting within your RV.



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Understanding Premiums & Deductibles

Premiums for Class A motorhomes can be influenced by the vehicle’s value, chosen coverages, deductible amounts, and the owner’s driving history. Selecting higher deductibles can reduce premiums, though it increases out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim.

Customizing Your Insurance Package​

Insurance needs can vary greatly among Class A motorhome owners, depending on their usage and lifestyle. It’s beneficial to work with insurance specialists to tailor a package that comprehensively covers personal needs, ensuring peace of mind during travels.

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