Class C RV Insurance

Class C motorhomes blend the amenities of Class A motorhomes with the nimble handling of Class B motorhomes. Built on a truck chassis, they feature an over-cab sleeping area and are well-equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, and additional sleeping spaces, making them ideal for families and groups. The mid-size nature of Class C motorhomes makes them suitable for a variety of travelers, from those taking short family vacations to others enjoying longer journeys. Insurance for Class C motorhomes needs to cover the broad spectrum of risks associated with both vehicular and residential use, accounting for their specific build and lifestyle usage.

Insurance Needs and Coverage Options

This covers non-collision related incidents such as theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters. For Class C motorhomes, which may be parked in a variety of locations, comprehensive coverage is essential to protect against environmental and situational damages.
Covers costs related to bodily injury and property damage inflicted on others in an accident where the motorhome owner is at fault. This is mandatory in most states and critical due to the potential damage a Class C motorhome could cause in an accident.
Since Class C motorhomes often carry valuable personal items and equipment for traveling, this insurance protects against the loss or damage of such belongings inside the vehicle.
This protects you if you’re involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault and does not have sufficient insurance coverage, helping to cover repair costs and medical expenses.
If the motorhome is damaged away from home, this coverage helps with the costs of temporary accommodations and travel, ensuring that your trip can continue with minimal disruption.
This coverage is essential when the RV is parked and being used as a temporary residence at campsites or RV parks, providing liability coverage for injuries or damages that occur around the vehicle.

This insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary bills if your pet is injured while inside your RV during travel or as a result of a vehicle accident, ensuring your furry friends are protected.


Roof protection coverage specifically addresses repairs to your RV’s roof from damage due to environmental factors like hail, debris, and low-hanging branches, safeguarding against potentially costly repairs.


Essential for covering damages from accidents, whether the motorhome collides with another vehicle or an object. This coverage is crucial for protecting your investment in the event of a road mishap.
For those who live in their Class C motorhome full-time, this coverage provides extended liability protection similar to that of a homeowner’s policy, covering incidents that occur while the vehicle is parked and used as a residence.
Roadside assistance is a valuable service for Class C motorhome owners, providing support for common issues like flat tires, battery failures, or lockouts, which are crucial when traveling in remote areas.
These can be added to cover specific external attachments and accessories common to Class A motorhomes, such as satellite dishes and awnings.
Particularly valuable for newer models, this coverage can replace the motorhome with a new one of similar make and model if it is declared a total loss.
If the Class C motorhome has been outfitted with additional features such as satellite dishes, solar panels, or other enhancements, custom equipment insurance will cover these extras if they are damaged or stolen.
This coverage protects against the cost of repairing damage caused by pests such as rodents or insects, which can affect wiring, insulation, and other critical components of your RV.


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Understanding Premiums & Deductibles

Insurance premiums for Class C motorhomes can vary depending on factors such as the age of the vehicle, the level of coverage selected, the value of custom equipment, and the driver’s history. Choosing a higher deductible can reduce monthly premiums, but increases out-of-pocket costs during a claim.

Customizing Your Insurance Package​

Given the versatility and varied use of Class C motorhomes, it’s crucial to customize the insurance package to fit the specific needs of the owner, whether they are frequent travelers or seasonal vacationers. An insurance expert can help tailor a policy that ensures comprehensive protection based on how and where the motorhome is used.

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