Comprehensive and Collision Insurance for RVs

Comprehensive Coverage

As an RV owner, you’ve invested a significant amount into your home on wheels. That’s why it’s essential to protect that investment with comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. These two types of coverage work together to safeguard your RV from a wide range of potential risks and mishaps.

Comprehensive Coverage Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your RV from events that are typically out of your control, such as:

  • Natural Disasters (hail, floods, wildfires, etc.)
  • Falling Objects (trees, rocks, etc.)
  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Collisions with Animals
Theft & Vandalism
While parked overnight at a campground, your RV is broken into and the interior is vandalized. Comprehensive coverage would pay for repairs to damage like broken windows, slashed upholstery, etc. as well as replacement of any stolen personal belongings up to policy limits.
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Fire Damage
An electrical fire starts inside your RV while driving, causing significant smoke and burn damage before you're able to pull over and extinguish it. Your comprehensive policy would cover the cost to repair or replace damaged components like cabinets, furniture, wiring, etc.
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Falling Tree
During a strong windstorm at your campsite, a large tree branch breaks off and crashes onto the roof of your RV, puncturing holes and denting the ceiling. Comprehensive pays for removal of the tree and repairs to the roof, walls, and any damaged fixtures.
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Collision Coverage

Collision insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your RV if it’s damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object, such as:

  • Crashing into another car, truck, or RV
  • Hitting a tree, pole, guardrail, or building
  • Rolling over
  • Single-vehicle accidents (running off the road, etc.)
Multi-Vehicle Accident
You're driving your RV down the highway when another vehicle loses control and sideswipes you, causing your RV to run off the road and roll onto its side. Collision insurance would repair damage from the initial impact as well as any resulting rollover damage.
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Backing Accident
While attempting to back your RV into a tight campsite, you misjudge the spacing and back directly into a concrete parking barrier, cracking your rear bumper and smashing exterior lights. Your collision coverage repairs this accidental back-up damage.
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Obstacle Strike
You inadvertently drift too far off the road's shoulder and strike a large rock or fallen tree trunk, puncturing your fuel tank and severely denting the undercarriage. Collision pays for towing, fuel system repairs, and any undercarriage damage.
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Having both comprehensive and collision coverage provides RV owners with broad protection against a multitude of hazards while traveling near or far from home. The right insurance gives you confidence to enjoy all your adventures.

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